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Tanks-A-Lok® - Tanks-A-Lok, Inc..           


Tanks-A-Lok Completes a state wide lock up in Iowa.

Virtually eliminating meth labs throughout the state.

Tanks-A-Lok® Security Devices are Iowa-born and Iowa-manufactured. Our anhydrous locks were devised to address the growing problem of anhydrous ammonia theft. The use of anhydrous ammonia for the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine has become a threat to the safety of all facets of society. anhydrous locksTanks-A-Lok® has received praise from Law Enforcement Officials as a deterrent of this process. The left-overs from "meth labs" present an enormous cost and threat. Tanks-A-Lok® eliminates access to one of the main ingredients of meth, anhydrous ammonia. Secure your product with our anhydrous locks to reduce your liabilities and ensure the safety of your area.

Tanks-A-Lok, Inc. is proud that their Tanks-A-Lok® products were selected by the State of Iowa to be used to lock all 99 counties in Iowa's continuing effort to control the meth problem. Our anhydrous locks have been widely used in Indiana for several years. We have over 40,000 (forty thousand) anhydrous security devices in use in eighteen states. Our anhydrous locks have been very well-received by law enforcement officers. We work closely with both the retailers and the law enforcement in any area where our anhydrous locks are used. We will be very willing to discuss our product with you and answer any questions you may have. Please contact us with your concerns and to get the name of a distributor in your area.



Tanks-A-Lok® by Tanks-A-Lok, Inc.
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